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Products - Acadian Products

Acadian Flags, Acadian Banners, AcadiaThe Flag Shop New Brunswick carries many Acadian flag products

Acadien Flags Available in various sizes and fabrics:
Hand held Stick flags:
4"x6" / 6"x10" / 12"x18"
Polyknit Car Flags: 12"x18"
70D Nylon Flags: 18"x36" / 27"x54"
210D Nylon Flags: 36"x72"
Tough-tex Sewn Flags: 27"x54" / 36"x72"

We also have Acadian flag decals, keychains, and pins available at our store.

Acadian Flags, Acadian Banners, AcadiaLooking for Acadian flag pennant strings?

Pennant strings are perfect for indoor and outdoor events, festival, or celebrations.

Our Acadian pennant strings are 60' long with thirty 12"x18" Acadian sewn flags. We also stock 30' Acadia pennant strings, made of 100% polyester, available for purchase online. Ask us about other Acadian flag products.

Contact The Flag Shop New Brunswick for more information.

Acadian FlagsCustom Acadian flags

If you can't find Acadian flags in the size or fabric that you are looking for, we can also custom print or sew Acadian flags according to your specifications. Contact The Flag Shop New Brunswick today to receive a quote.

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The Flag Shop New Brunswick carries a wide range of products to proclaim proudly that you are a New Brunswicker. Also available:

Acadian Flags

Stick Flags: 4"x6" / 6"x10" / 12"x18"
70D Nylon Flags: 12"x24" / 18"x36" / 27"x54" / 45"x90" / 54"x108" / 72"x144"
Poly Flags: 24"x36" / 36"x60" / 36"x72"
Tackle II Nylon Flags: 36"x72"
Vinyl Decals: 2 3/8"x4" / 3.25"x5"
Friendship pins
Enamal pins

Contact The Flag Shop New Brunswick to order.